Monday, December 31, 2012

Box set

'Oh, we spend the weekend with a load of box sets.' That's what smug couples say, isn't it? All lovely and cosy and Christmassy, snuggled up with a box of appallng chocolates and each other.

I've just spent three days by myself with some box sets. Weather so appalling, not worth going out. Haven't seen or spoken to anyone. Oh, met someone for an early dinner last week, someone I met ages ago at a work thing. Nice bloke, all got quite flirty. Realised he seemed more familar than someone I met a year ago should. Then I realised that his girlfriend had written about their relationship quite a lot. With pictures. Funny how she never got mentioned, innit?

Anyway. Now I have to haul these old bones out to pretend to have a good time when I'd rather stay in. But what's the point when you're only company is a four-disc Scandicrime box set?

Fuck you, 2013.

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